National Women’s League

Founded in 2002, the National Women’s League (NWL) has been a key pillar in the development of women’s football players in New Zealand. 

In the 17 years of its existence, the NWL has evolved with the needs of the game to ensure that female footballers are provided with a competitive platform to drive growth of the sport in New Zealand, and a strong pathway to the national team. 

NWL Teams

The competition comprises of seven teams representing different regions of New Zealand.  The two highest-placed sides progress to a one-off grand final with the winner proclaimed champions.



Head Coach


Northern Lights

North Shore

Shane Verma

Saskia Vosper



Nic Downes

Stephanie Skilton



Nico Girard

Maddison Ollington


Palmerston North

Barry Scullion

Mikaela Boxall



Natalie Lawrence

Katie Barrott

Canterbury United Pride


Alana Gunn

Rebecca Lake

Southern United


Ignacio Sande

Mikaela Hunt


In the early years of the competition, Auckland Football Federation were the dominant force, claiming six out of the first eight titles.  Capital Football were their early challengers before more federations joined the title hunt in recent years. 

After 17 years, the National Women’s League is one of the longest running women’s football leagues in the world. 

NWL 2018 Winners

The federations and New Zealand Football are working together – As One – to advance the women’s game in the coming years.   

List of Champions

2002: Auckland Football Federation

2011: Northern Football Federation* vs Waikato-Bay of Plenty (3-0)

2003: Auckland Football Federation

2012: Northern Football Federation* vs Auckland Football Federation (2-0)

2004: Capital Football vs Auckland Football Federation* (2-1)

2013: Mainland Pride vs Northern Football Federation* (4-2)

2005: Auckland Football Federation vs Capital Football* (4-2)

2014: Mainland Pride* vs New Zealand Football Development (3-1)

2006: Auckland Football Federation* vs Capital Football (3-1)

2015: Northern Football Federation vs Mainland Pride* (4–3)

2007: Auckland Football Federation* vs Capital Football (3-1)

2016: Canterbury United Pride* vs Capital Football (2–0)

2009: Auckland Football Federation* vs Capital Football (5-1)

2017: Auckland Football Federation vs Canterbury United Pride* (3–2)

2010: Capital Football* vs Waikato-Bay of Plenty (2-1)

2018: Canterbury United Pride* v Northern Lights (3–2)