Club Spotlight: Avalon Soccer Club (NSW)

On Sydney’s northern beaches, a stone’s throw from some of the city’s most stunning coastlines, lies Avalon Soccer Club.   

For almost 40 years the club has been a fixture in the region. The club’s visionary approach has seen Avalon thrive into a booming football community with almost 1,200 registered players. 

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Executive Committee member Stuart Randall recognises that this tight knit community, combined with the club's player-centric approach, has been pivotal to its success.    

“Avalon Soccer Club has a strong community focus, and strives to provide equal opportunities for all players, regardless of age, race or gender,” he said.   

“We look to provide the best possible playing and coaching environment that we can with the resources at our disposal."   

“Our aim is to ensure all local players can experience quality programs run by the club, and develop their football, right here at Careel Bay.”  

Avalon provides limitless opportunities for everyone to both experience football and prosper in the game. Across 92 teams, this includes a wide variety of players with different ages, skill levels and ability. 

Leading the growth at Avalon has been their women’s program - an area that Randall and the members of the Committee take pride in.   

“We are fortunate to have such great leadership throughout the club, who have a special focus on the women’s game,” he stated.   

“We work to provide a pathway for those who strive for higher honours, as well as being a club that embraces those who just love to play the game, at all ages.” 


Avalon has supported and fostered that growth in unique ways, including implementing a Female Buddy Coaching Program where senior women’s players coach a MiniRoos girls' team in conjunction with parent coaches.  Not only has the program helped in the development of their MiniRoos program, it is helping retain women in the game after their playing careers may have ceased.   

The intertwining of generations of players has resulted in a club where it is not unfamiliar to see sisters and mother/daughter pairs (or trios) across the teams and within the leadership structure.   

“The women’s side of the club has grown massively over the last few years and has become a leading light.” 

“At the heart of the club are the individuals who give up their time week in, week out, to ensure Avalon is presented in the best possible light and are huge advocates for the women’s game.” 

Avalon Football Club

They include Registrar Jacinta Newcombe who has the enormous task of ensuring that almost 1200 players are ready to go each season, while Secretary Blair McEwen juggles playing for the WAL1 side, coaching a W13’s side and running the competition administration.   

Sharon Burton is another who plays, coaches, referees, is Junior Vice-President, whilst Lyndal Carruthers works alongside fellow qualified coaches to develop a football and coaching philosophy for Avalon that aims to position them for growth and success in the years to come.  

Building on the work of former President John Kowtan, who presided over an era of change and growth, current president Lee Gallagher and the Executive Committee are continuing to lay foundations Avalon Soccer Club that will cement this Limitless Future.   

With females represented as 38% of their registered player base, Avalon are putting in the right programs to see the club record a 50/50 gender participation split in the near future.   

“We are known for providing a safe, inclusive, professional environment to allow girls to grow as footballers and people, to be instilled with a philosophy that encourages them to play the game the right way,” Randall said.   

"The future for Avalon is that we are seen as THE place for girls to play sport on the Beaches.” 


Club Name:  

Avalon Soccer Club 

Member Federation:  

Football NSW 



# of Teams:  

Males 742     
Females   457   

# of Players;  


Male: (43 teams U6-u11), (13 teams u12- u16 )  (8 teams U18-O45) 
Female: ( 12 teams w8-w11), (10 teams W12- w16) (6 teams W18-Wal5) 

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