Get to Know: Community Bid Champion – Julia Chernoukha (NSW)

“I hope to show the next generations what a special community we are part of and how their lives can be enriched by being part of football.”

This has been the driving motivation of Eastern Suburbs Football Association member Julia Chernoukha. 

Chernoukha came to football as a 14 year old at Pagewood Botany Football Club.  Bitten by the bug, five years later the teen wanted to contribute more to the game and took up coaching and became one of the youngest Committee members in the association. 

Julia Chernoukha with player

And that has been her path for the last 15 years in football; coaching mainly teenagers both boys and girls and holding leadership positions within our association in women's and junior football. 

“I wanted to start giving back to the game which game me so much as a young adult,” she said of her football volunteering. 

“Football is such a family all-inclusive sport. The community feel is incredible, and I am proud to be an advocate and a volunteer in our community.”

Julia Chernoukha’s commitment and passion for football is indicative of some many within the game.  For her it is more than a game, it is a key unifier in Australian society. 

It is also a sport that can drive a limitless future for girls and women – on and off the pitch.   Chernoukha’s association, Eastern Suburbs FA, and her club, Pagewood Botany FC are utilising the opportunity investing in the girls and women’s provides them in growing the game. 

“We do not only strive to elevate participation, but we elevate the inclusiveness of women’s football,” she said. 

“The opportunity for any female at any age to express themselves through the sport and to experience all aspects like teamwork, sportsmanship, happiness success, health and the joy of being part of something big.”

“It also gives boys and males the ability to engage positively with girls and women, creating an amazing culture.”

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Eastern Suburbs Football


A long-time supporter of the Matildas since the early 2000s, for Chernoukha it was an easy decision to be #Onside as a Community Bid Champion. 

“I feel I have enough influence to gather support for our FIFA Women’s World Cup Bid and it would be a dream for this to become reality.”

“The ability to give the kids World Cup experience at home which they would not be able to otherwise have. It would enrich and educate so many and grow the sport and our prospects as a country overall.”

“It would only cement who we are as a nation and to do it on the world stage would be an experience for most which they would never forget.”