Football in Australia

Football in Australia has strong foundations with 1.85 million people involved in the sport.  This makes football the biggest participation sport in the nation. 

Football Snapshot
Source: Football Federation Australia - 2018 National Participation Report
AUS Participation Numbers
Source: Football Federation Australia - 2018 National Participation Report



South Melbourne FC taking on Calder United SC in the Victorian NPL (Photo: Rachel Bach / Football Victoria)

Women’s football is a strategic imperative for Football Federation Australia. 

AUS Aspiration

Whether it’s to play alongside childhood friends, striving towards the elite level, or kicking around at the local park, women are taking up football at the grassroots level more than ever. 

Currently 21% of Australia’s participation base is female with players born in over 150 different nations. That number is set to rise in the next decade with the launch of FFA’s Gender Equality Action Plan aimed at reaching a 50% gender participation split by 2027. 

To facilitate this growth, the plan outlines several key focus areas including programs for female participation and engagement, developing a world class W-League and enabling the success of the Matildas to inspire new players to the beautiful game. 

The Gender Equality Action Plan includes initiatives to:

  • increase the opportunities to play;
  • create safe, friendly and welcoming environments at club level;
  • grow the engagement between grassroots participants and W-League and Matildas players;
  • continue to raise the profile and awareness of women’s football at all levels.  

FFA is working to build on the strong foundations to welcome more of tomorrow’s generation of girls and women into the football family.